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Why Partner With Us?

In 2021, we invested Thousands of Dollars in dental marketing to help 15 top-tier dental practices around the US to increase their number of high-value cosmetic patients.

As a result, many of these practices were able to increase their revenue by over 600% within 12-months… without doing more clinical hours drilling, filling, and billing.

How It Works...

You choose which types of treatments you want to do more of…



Get High paying Braces patients with our proven strategies, especially for this treatment!


Learn How we generate High paying patients for Veneers with our proven strategies especially for this treatment!


Learn How we generate patients for Implants. we have proven methods to get them espically for you

Secure Your Area Exclusivity

Get exclusive rights to all the Invisalign, Veneer or Implant enquiries in your geographical area.

If your practice is city-based, you’ll get approximately a 5km radius around the practice.

We know there are more than enough people looking for major dental treatments within 5 kms. Plus, city folk tend to not want to travel too far.

If your practice is outside the major cities with a catchment area of less than 400,000 people i.e. Newark, Madison, Irving, Vancouver… you’ll typically get a larger area up to 50km in radius.

You can call our office on +1 424 444 6277 to find out if your area is still available.

We can either send you these high-value patients or show you the best way to go and find them on your own.

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How soon can I expect results?

Typically, you’ll start seeing enquiries come through within the first few days of a campaign. By the 1-month mark, the full flow of enquiries start to take effect. We send you interested patients, so you can turn them into paying patients…

What kind of results can I expect?

Practices who work with us can expect upwards of 40 new patient enquiries each month for either Invisalign, Veneers or Implants. From here, it comes down to how quickly you follow up with interested patient enquiries. The faster the follow-up time, the more patients start treatment.

How do we know the leads came from you?

Every phone call enquiry is recorded so you and your team can listen to them. Every email enquiry comes through clearly branded from Reidius. This all lives on a simple dashboard you can check every day. You’ll see how many enquiries have come through, how your team has performed booking them in, and who has converted into a paying patient… Easily track your ROI. You’ll have full transparency and control over how your campaigns and team are performing at all times.

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